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Handmade table tennis blade

Expert II.

Our 5ply allround, head balanced racket fits for allround experts. Extremely good for replacement of old blades like Cor de Buy, Hannos and Stigas. Since this is our most popular allrounder blade in 2020 we updated and adjusted it to play better on the heavier poly balls. Due to the new 2020-layer structure and special building process it collaborates well with rubbers including incorporated speed glue effect and works better with poly balls.
We recommend this type of Expert for players who mix active and passive game with a variety of allround, offensive and defensive movements. Due to its 160 mm head you will not feel a lack of power even allround or pips out rubbers glued on. In 2020 we sell this blade with wider scale of headsize for you to get it with the head fits you best.
OSP Expert II. bites the ball and loops well as old ‘feeling blades’ to ensure exact placing. This blade provides controlled flexibility meanwhile delivers as much information as you need into your palm. The optimal playing distance is mid to far.
We also found that Expert is still fine for playing hardbat.

Data sheet

Expert 2 allround table tennis blade datasheet