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Handmade table tennis blade

Ultimate II+

OSP Ultimate II+ offensive blade is the right choice for those who are looking for a blade can generate huge spin with the latest plastic ball and demanded harder upper ply under the rubber. We tuned a bit up our successful Ultimate II. plastic spinner offensive blade and changed its top ply to a harder wood. The top ply is called Indian Rosewood while the laminating procedure is still the best for big rotation on PVC ball. We also lowered the vibration.

Your opponent will hardly recognise the amount of spin. Thanks to the new power core + Indian Rosewood we dramatically increased the playing area so that you can use it comfortably from a further distance. With the new “plus” model, you can get a shorter and sharper feeling and some extra spin and speed. You need to be on the advanced track to exploit all the advantages of that blade.

This table tennis blade is tuned for a more extensive repertoire of playing strategy and meet the requirements of the new PVC balls and the rubbers made for PVC balls. There is no classical vibration in the Ultimate II+. This weapon provides sharp and clean feedback that many offensive players need.

Made for PVC ball and rubbers for PVC balls, higher spin, more extensive playing strategies, natural spin, lower vibration, the ultimate table tennis weapon.

Data sheet

Ultimate 2+ offensive tabletennis blade datasheet