Butterfly Bryce Highspeed branched out

Butterfly Bryce Highspeed

For few weeks you could see a counter on Butterfly World that shows something is coming soon. (You can watch it here in video format). Today Butterfly opened the box. They revealed their latest rubber the Butterfly Bryce Highspeed coming with new cover design that replaces all the present rubbers of the Japanese company. Hopefully from now these rubbers can not be couterfeited.

Butterfly Bryce Highspeed

Butterfly Bryce Highspeed with MicroLayer

Bryce branched our in 1997 and it was the best seller among pro players and it was the predecessor of Bryce Speed. Butterfly promised this new generation of Bryce provide higher arc and spin without losing speed at high power strokes. The main feature of Highspeed version is the “revolutionary invention” called MicroLayer that is on the top of the rubber surface provides exra grip. It looks they have not changed the sponge that is an interesting factor.

Well, we still have questions:

  • How it behaves at small touch?
  • What about durability?
  • What is the price range they aimed?