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Dancing and table tennis? Yes. J.T.T.A.A. approved.

Tiny Dancer blade family is the result of almost a year development collaborating with the Japanese WRM and Mr Yohei Takahashi the master of the idea. The idea of Tiny Dancer came out of his mind early 2018 and had been developing that for almost a year to branch out in November for only the Japanese market.

Tiny Dancer is a very classic defensive blade for those Japanese players using long pips defensive style. We went through the development phases month by month working together with Mr Yohei Takahashi. For us, the hardest part was to understand how the Japanese players are thinking about the vintage style.

Some handle samples

It was very important to make a good blade for the players as well as bring back the ancient Japanese defensive style. We made some samples with different handles and finally the two versions of Tiny Dancer materialised.

Production of Tiny Dancer

Thanks to WRM those blades got the J.T.T.A.A. stamp easily, so the mutual effort has reached its goal. But the most valuable thing was the lesson we learnt. Although we all play the same sport, Japanese table tennis community is very different, but we all are capable of collaborating and understanding this, and Mr Yohei Takahashi with WRM is a good guide in this matter. Thank you all!