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OSP Blades and Zhang Jike in a Chinese magazine

Zhang Jike and OSP blades

We were very surprised when turned out that one of our customers Brian, who ordered blades from us wrote an article about Robert Palatinus and his blade maker manufactory that makes OSP table tennis blades.

Although we focus on European market it is really good news for us that our products and philosophy aroused the interest of people in China. Or at least the interest of one man Lau Ho who is really a big table tennis enthusiast and collector. He is also known as Dreamer21 on the table tennis forums. We really respect this opportunity to be able to turn up in Table Tennis World magazine’s 03/2016 issue with Zhang Jike on the cover.

Zhang Jike on the Table Tennis World cover
Zhang Jike 張繼科

We believe Chinese people might be interested in the unique approach of Robert Palatinus and they would like the theory we pack into a handmade table tennis blade but we have never thought we can take the same surface as Zhang Jike does. Thanks to Brian the article he wrote about the handmade process and custom made blades, handles hopefully reveals the important things inside of wooden shivers.

Zhang Jike and OSP in the same magazine
The article says we are the Rolls-Royce of hand made blades

Reading the words “Rolls-Royce of handmade rackets” flattered us very much. Maybe it is not by accident that Zhang Jike is holding an ancient Chinese sword on the cover photo that means for us not only a kind of legacy value much but also a table tennis blade should consider as a weapon and the players are warriors who need the best weapon a to win their battles.