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Handmade table tennis blade

Virtuoso CPEN

We believe that CPEN is not only a handle type but a style of playing and thinking of table tennis. We made Martin OFF Pro CPEN on the bases of regular Martin OFF Pro but with different head shape. We redesigned the shape to be more angular for the real Chinese penholder biometry.

OSP’s 5ply controlled offensive, mid balanced racket also known as ‘offensive minus’ style. Due to the layer structure and special building process it collaborates well with built in glue effect rubbers.


We recommend Virtuoso for players who ephasize spin in their offensive game besides high variety of other strokes. Good handling, easy swinging, high amount of spin are the main features. The optimal playing distance is mid distance but you will not feel lack of power from further. It highly bites the ball and throw it fine arc to ensure smooth placing. Provides controlled flexibility meanwhile delivers as much information as you need into your palm to let you react well.

Data sheet

Virtuoso CPEN controlled offensive pingpong bat datasheet