Our carbon reinforced wood table tennis blades CRW

We have been experimenting with carbon for about three years now. We have already sold few dozens of carbon blades but those blades were custom made. Month by month we got closer to the process that allows us to reproduce carbon reinforced wood table tennis blades with the regular high quality that is our benchmark besides meet our philosophic approach.

We wanted to keep advantages of wood and somehow exploit the advantages of carbon but without suffering its disadvantages. Well, the mission completed. Finally, I can report we are able to build carbon reinforced wooden blades with fantastic dwell time and the famous OSP feeling plus the sharp spins and killer arc that is characterized by carbon layered blades.

In addition we are able provide lower weighted 7 or even 9 ply blades that was also sometimes a demand of our customers.

Here you are the Ultimate tricarbon 3CRW test from a real expert the Experttabletennis.com

OSP Ultimate Tricarbon Blade Review

We start to sell four carbon table tennis blade models of our product scale from ALL to OFF range:

  • Expert CRWi UNI ALL++
  • Virtuoso CRWi UNI OFF
  • Ultimate 3CRW UNI OFF
  • Martin CRW UFS OFF++

What do those letters mean?

We found that for the best result we have to build different type carbon blades with applying different process. For the best result we use two types of carbon and we laminate the sheets by different order to make the necessary characteristic.

Our carbon blades got the shortcut CRW for carbon reinforced wood. You can find a letter i at the end if the carbon layer is next to the core. We used 3 layers of carbon for the Ultimate that is named 3CRW.

We used a special unidirectional carbon for most of the blades to provide natural feeling. This is the material where the fibers running side by side. We implement the sheets like wooden sheets but the process (and the result) is totally different. We put UNI word at the end of name of these kind of blades.

The other type of material is a special woven fabric. It is a new development in carbon fibre reinforcement whereby a sophisticated production process spreads out each tow (bundle) of carbon fibres making them significantly flatter and wider than they would be in a conventional woven fabric. Spreading the tow in this way creates ultra-flat strips of unsupported unidirectional carbon fibre which is then carefully woven to create a biaxial carbon fabric with an unprecedented flatness and a unique appearance. Blades with this material got UFS in their name.

So those 4 blades are coming soon. The OSP logo shines black in our carbon blades.

Carbon reinforced table tennis blade logo

Expert CRWi UNI with the black logo