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Table tennis bats of OSP

Table tennis bats of OSP will increase your potential for victory

OSP table tennis bats offer more spin and crisper feeling during ball contact, increasing your point winning potential. If you are looking for a blade that will elevate the quality and match the style of your play, you have arrived at the right place. Using an OSP blade you can make the same spin with shorter stroke so you can save time during a rally.

Features of OSP blades:

  • Premium quality craftsmanship
  • Personally hand-selected and expensive raw materials
  • Power core combinations to get back what you lost due to glue ban
  • Replace the necessary elements when you play with PVC ball
  • Unique layering process that is impossible to use by mass manufacturers
  • No forced, industrial processes, natural drying
  • Meet the new ITTF standards
  • Long lasting performance and durability
  • The crisp outstanding ball feeling
  • Beautiful, natural woods and hand-finishing
  • Environment friendly processes and materials
Table tennis bats
We make handmade table tennis bats

We develop our table tennis bats in collaboration with professional players

OSP Blades are made using the finest, handmade laminas derived from hand-selected, highest quality raw materials. You select the blade and handle to suit your playing style and we will attach and hand-finish the handle. We include a specifications sheet with each blade.

Here you are a short video about blade making process: