The blade for Waldner

The news conference of the Hungarian gala called Battle of Generations was held and that was a good opportunity to meet the King. Waldner beat our star Tibor Klampar at Budapest in the late 80’s and the main program of the event will be the rematch Tibor Klampar (62) vs. Jan-Ove Waldner (50).

He was very patient and we talked about Istvan Szabo who eventually inspired Robert Palatinus to implement the philosophy inside the wood and who was the coach of his son Martin as well as JO Waldner when he played for Saarbrucken. Remembering the old days I asked Waldner to sign one of my old Swedish Pingis magazine and it was also a nice moment when I delivered our gift for him.


It was really an honor to be able to make a table tennis blade for Waldner. We knew he is contracted to Donic and he probably never use that wood but, you know, it is an extraordinary moment that does not happen to you every day. He immediately opened the box and pulled out the blade and hit some strokes into the air and said: “It is very nice. It must play well.” Well, we are very proud of the blade was accepted by Jan-Ove Waldner.