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The new OSP box

OSP table tennis new box

Do you remember the old paper box we used for sending an OSP blade? That was simple since we focused inside. In our outdated approach the box is for transporting the blade nothing else. We tried to make it the simplest way, that had made us different from the others on the market.

After few years we put gifts into the box. You got iron stickers and a piece of veneer to fix the edge or other hits by using original premium quality material used by only OSP. As the time elapsed some of the contents changed but we still focused inside of the box.

Here you are a short video of our quality control of each blade where you can see the old box. Do not worry the process is the same we just changed the box and discontinued the iron sticker.

The change

In 2020 when we changed our blades’ structure and renewed the logo and design logically, we payed attention to the box. The element that has also changed and got new meaning over transporting a table tennis blade. So, some of those who ordered OSP blade recently met this kind of boxes representing the new logo and slogan, QR code, website address etc… on it. But the main difference is that it is easier to recognize the blade type inside.

OSP table tennis new box inside