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Handmade table tennis blade

Ultimate II.

We created the Ultimate II. for those who need 7 ply blade behaviour with high amount of spin as well as speed. We redesigned the layer structure of the predecessor to increase control and the cooperation with the new PVC balls. The result is a brand new dynamic OSP offensive blade for those who are looking for a blade can generate huge spin even if the dwell time is short when you hit the ball fast.

We started to apply a new laminating procedure so with the OSP Ultimate II. you can amaze your opponent how big is the rotation of even a PVC ball with a short stroke. They will hardly recognize the amount of spin. Thanks to the new power core we also dramatically increased the playing area, so you can use it comfortably from further distance than the Ultimate. With the new model you can easily switch between low trajectory, fast, heavy spin strokes and higher arc balls if you need ultimate spin or you want to play in the safety zone.

The Ultimate II. is slightly thicker so you will get a bit more extra stability that with the other developments provide more effective operation with short strokes like serves or short game. This table tennis blade is tuned for wider repertoire of playing strategy and meet the requirements of the new PVC balls and the rubbers made for PVC balls. There is no classical vibrations in the Ultimate II. This blade provides accurate and required feedback that an offensive player need.

Data sheet

Ultimate 2 offensive tabletennis blade datasheet