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World champion title with OSP table tennis blade

Balázs Lei won the final by beating an Asian team 3:2 and became U15 world champions in boys’ doubles in Rades, Tunisia, with the Slovakian Samuel Árpás in December. He uses a ‘simple’ OSP Virtuoso AC UTCAN.

We are incredibly proud of Balazs not only because he is from our area and playing in The Ambrus Table Tennis Academy three streets from our warehouse but also his talent and performance.

World champion title won by OSP table tennis blade

It differs from the paper form enforced at the Tunisian event since they were seeded in the first place. On the venue, it was more complex since, in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, they also fought a five-set battle in the final.

The Japanese Tanimoto Takumi and Josiyama Kazuki gained a game advantage for the first time during the final, and then the Leis turned it back with two 11:8 sets. After that, the Japanese won an easy game, but the last set went to the Hungarian-Slovak mixed team by 11:9.

Here you are the video with the best moments of their match:

But it is not the only one high performed moment of the 15-year-old player from Soltvadkert (originally from the nearby Császártöltés). He reached the semi-finals in singles and doubles – on the side of Varga Botond (14 yrs) – at the adult national championship in November.

It is an honor that we provided an OSP blade for Balazs, and we hope he will raise that bat to celebrate glory many times.

(all photos by WTT)