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WRM started to sell the new OSP models

Collaborating with Japan WRM

We sent out a bundle of new OSP table tennis blades with J.T.T.A.A certificate to Japan to WRM who is the biggest Japanese representative of our blades.

Since our latest modification in our brand is significant: new outlook included new logo, we discontinued some of our models and some new model came up like Virtuoso AC and Expert II., we applied new boxes, so it is an important point to help our collaborators to supply them enough blades.

Collaborating is not just a word for us and WRM. They do a great job in Japan and we are really glad about the fact they host OSP Blades on Japanese market. Although we are not big table tennis manufacturer the attention, we got from WRM is remarkable. We love the way they do marketing and acknowledge their work they do day by day for not only our brand but for table tennis globally. WRM is a team of enthusiasts with a strong YouTube presence so we are hardly surprised their video about new OSP blades unboxing

Here you are the video