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Handmade table tennis blade

Expert II. CRWi

Expert II CRWi for players who want to stay in the top of the allround category but familiar with spin offensive game and heavy loops. With the uniaxial carbon as the extra plies Expert got a bit less flexibility and bigger sweet spot that allows the player to get more advantages during direct strokes. In 2020 we updated the Expert CRWi to increase spin, feeling and control mainly when playing with poly balls.
Due to the 2020 layer structure and new building process it works well with rubbers provide incorporated speed glue effect and with PVC balls also. Due to its 160 mm head you will not feel a lack of power even allround or pips out rubbers glued on. This model also available with wider scale of headsize for you to get it with the head fits you best.

Data sheet

Expert 2 powerallround table tennis blade datasheet