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Table tennis handle types at OSP

The table tennis handle

Table tennis handle is very important part of a blade since this provides the connection between your palm and the blade. This is what delivers signal of ball touch into your hand and it makes possible to get the feel. We devoted as much time as for blades’ body laminating to provide maximum collaboration. Handle is not a piece of wood that is glued onto the laminated wood. It is far more important part.

Table tennis handle types at OSP

Although we think different this handle question we stayed at classic solutions. We have not made nothing new from the name approach but we tuned our handle to fit and feel more comfortable and cover the more hands as it is possible. There are the following handle types available for our table tennis blades:

  • FL – classic flared, like Stiga Master or Alser
  • SQST – the squared straight, like Butterfly ST
  • RST – the rounded straight, like Avalox ST or Stiga ST
  • ELCON – the conical one, like the old Stiga Johansson or Erik Lindh
  • UTCAN – the anatomic, like the old Stiga Ulf Tickan Carlsson

Here you are some data sheets of our table tennis handle types and dimensions

We adjusted the handles to the playing style of the actual blade so for a defensive or a beginner blade you will have the handle that support your game better.

Table tennis blade handle types

Alternative dimensions for the Origo and defensive blades:

Table tennis pad handle types

Origo table tennis blade handle types