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Our table tennis rackets handle orientation

Define your table tennis rackets handle orientation

Our philosophyc issue: the grip orintation (BH, N°, FH) & the way we approach that & how can you exploit it. It is very important when you choose the blade you have to clearly define your playing style. Besides that your orientation can be FH or BH or neutral. All of these define the blade you need. This way you must to take care about right equipment since only the blade fits you can help improving your technique or help you in a rally. Positioning of the handle has been essential point since we make custommade rackets for professionals.

Table tennis rackets handle orientation chart

We implemented that opportunity into our OSP standard rackets to expand the variety of handles, that provides a kind of customization. You can choose BH, FH orientated or Neutral positioned handle for your OSP racket that can help easier closing the racket. BH & FH orientated handles help to set the racket-angle slightly to BH or FH directions easier. (On the picture you can see that from right handed viewpoint for a lefty player it works the opposite way.)

We learnt that the racket must force you to the right stroke. (I am sure all of you tried some stroke with a racket you met in a shop or elsewhere and felt it is comfortable to hit with or not) Well, before you would buy a sort of OSP racket for playing in several situation I tell you it is a philosophyc matter. Choosing the right orientated handle can help you to strengthen your advantages or improve your weaknesses. I think it is always individual question but you can consult a coach in this matter. In pro life it is always teamwork to decide the best style due to the talent/habit of the player. Being an ameteur player you have the freedom and in the other hand I think there can be hardly found neutral grip among us.

Anyway we like the approach of Ferenc Puskas our national football icon who said: “A good left is far better than two average right”