Handmade table tennis blade

Immune OX CPEN

We believe that CPEN is not only a handle type but a style of playing and thinking of table tennis. We made Immune OX CPEN on the bases of regular Immune OX but with different head shape. We redesigned the shape to be more angular for the real Chinese penholder biometry.

For those who play the pushblocker style using combi wood with OX pips out rubber on one side and normal rubber on the other side. Due to the latest development we isolated the backhand from forehand side and made an asymmetric construction to provide the best features that OX pips and regular rubbers need within one blade.

During the past years we met demands of a lighter blade for push blockers and who play disturbing style table tennis. Since the frictionless rubbers are banned we designed a blade that supports and able to increase disturbing effect with even a simple regular OX long pip rubber. We designed one side exactly to collaborate OX pips. The construction of OX side increases disturbing effect even if you are not allowed to use frictionless rubber. You can effectively reverse and block spins. You can easily drive the opponent’s attacks over the table. 

We designed the head shape for close to the table play to maximize your effective blocks. We paid attention to keep the weight light. With Immune OX it is easy to switch forehand to backhand or twiddle if you want to play universal. The normal side fits most ofsponged rubbers so you can exploit the advantages of even a faster attacking rubber to break the opponents’ pace. We reduced the harmful cross-effect of the two sides without using thick balsa core so your normal side works as a regular, even offensive blade.

Immunbe OX pushblocker table tennis wood cpen

Data sheet

Immunbe OX pushblocker table tennis wood datasheet