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Two Speed Aramid Carbon tabletennis blade for OFF+/OFF play

We have already made special, two speed defensive and blocking style blades for defensive and pushblocker plyers for years ago and that time we did not know the two-speed asymmetric blade would be demanded in even the top speed area. We created the solution for those who cannot adjust their blade by simply buying different rubbers but need more difference… Read More »New two-speed blades for offensive table tennis players

stiga sybershape analysis

Is STIGA’s Cybershape the next marketing trick that all big manufacturers use to increase sales? Tricky names or shapes, naming a blade from a top player also boosts fans to buy. You surely remember the feeling when you have a Harimoto Tomokazu Innerforce Super ZLC in your hand you feel you can play like him. We all watched Truls Carl… Read More »Cybershape: just marketing? We reveal the secret

Switched to sustainable carrier DHL Gogreen

This is OSP Blades’ next step towards sustainability. We joined to DHL’s GoGreen project so if you are from one of the following countries your blade will be shipped via DHL GoGreen that is not only minimize and/or avoid logistics-related emissions but also cheaper comparing FedEx. Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Guernsey,… Read More »‘Decrease Emissions. Increase Efficiency’ – DHL GoGreen