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Handmade table tennis blade

Martin AC

We created a fast offensive table tennis blade with Aramid-Carbon layer right under the surface to give a boost to the top ply, but we still avoid losing the wooden feeling. In OSP Martin AC we combined the speed, sweet spot, direct touch and for sure power with a modern offensive wood.

This table tennis blade is for skilled players who sticked to the wooden offensive blades but needed faster and stiffer blade but does not prefer the stark composite-like feeling. The Martin AC is the successor of Martin CRW – that is discontinued. We did not simply replace the CRW carbon to Aramid-Carbon layer, but we created the top-boost structure that means we moved the AC ply next to the top ply to boost it. Unlike the inner technologies that we used in Virtuoso AC top-boost provides extra power and sweet spot that creates stiffer blade but at the same time we did our best to maintain the feeling of a wooden blade instead of empty glass-like ball feedback.

With this build we established a fast but still controllable offensive blade. Although we succeeded to push the two behaviour into one blade it is still a dangerous weapon that needs high skills to handle well and use effectively. If you train regularly and play modern offensive game Martin AC will be your best choice.

Martin AC Aramid Carbon offensive table tennis blade

Data sheet

Martin AC Aramid Carbon offensive table tennis blade data sheet