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OSP Blades is new

Handmade table tennis blades renew

OSP is new. New design, performance, structure so we can we have been changed internally and outside. Do you want to know why and how we changed? Let us show you in these articles.

The first thing coming into sight is the logo that we have changed but it is almost the last one we did. Although we continuously followed the rhythm of table-tennis development over the world and we made really good blades we found the minor changes did not unite.

In our two decades history from now we always been developing. In 2012 we made our first carbon blade prototype and in 2017 put three different carbon blades on air. Then we branched out the Mk2 blades” first representative the Ultimate II. and Ultimate II. plus with a big success but we felt the lack of something that shows the professionality and energy we spent on OSP Baldes inside.

We also met the fact that our product scale features need to be unified. We are the only handmade blade maker factory offering many products with different head sizes and the only company whose CPEN blades differs from shakehanded to really meet the requirements. But in the same time we could not make it simple.

We were the very first manufactory made wooden logo on the market and after a few years it seemed we dictate the trend, and we found many companies copied our solution. We sold our blades in simple paper boxes that is perfect for transporting but now the market need more sophisticated solutions as the table tennis has become so complicated and customers are more sensitive to subtle things than 20 years ago.

Ultimate 2+ offensive tabletennis blade

We finally decided to give a boost to OSP and we renew it not only inside but from outside aspect also. Now you can see the results:

  • We unified the features of our blades, we created new data standards
  • We expanded the basic customization options, like head size and handle
  • We made new, higher level design elements, like model name inlay
  • We redesigned our logo and boxes, website and shop.
  • You can get more comprehensive charts with nicer drawings.
  • We implemented new plastic ready laminating process to all of our blades
  • We continued Mk2 series development
  • We started to branch our Aramid-Carbon series.
Table tennis blades specification diagram osp handmade paddles
Shakehand blades

All the blades are available with different head size (when it make sense) and we added some handle options also. You can buy the new Expert II. with S, M, L and XXL head size to give you a better chance to adjust it to your style. This is the same with Origo. Our beginner blade is now available for adults with bigger handle and sizes. On the defensive line many of you asked us to customize Immune OX for extra fees. Now it is available with the regular handle and with smaller head for the basic price.

We changed not only the logo but also our slogan because we really believe OSP can add something to your game to win more. Thanks for your attention, we hope all changes will be appreciated and make you play better.