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Handmade table tennis blade

Immune OX Classic

We developed this type of defensive table tennis blade for OX pips namely for those, who play classic defensive style with OX pips on one side and found our Immune Active DEF Pro too heavy and hard to play with. We designed OX Classic shape to fit classical defensive play from several distances.

One side of OX Classic is built to collaborate pips well and we also isolated that side from the inverted rubber side in order to avoid deteriorative effects of the two sides. Using a regular OX pips on the OX side you are able to generate disturbing balls even if you are not a pusblocker. If you are a twiddler defensive player OX Classic is your blade too. Due to the reduced weight it is easy to switch from or twiddle the blade.


Although Immune OX Classic is a table tennis blade for OX pips the inverted side fits most of defensive and other sponged rubbers so you can exploit the advantages of even a faster attacking rubber to break the opponents’ pace. Besides the sharp chops it is able to make extreme loops or side spins.

Immunbe OX combi table tennis wood side 2
Immunbe OX combi table tennis wood side 1

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