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Handmade table tennis blade


We designed this blade for those who play offensive style but need different offensive behaviour on the two sides of the blade to be able to play variations. This means not only speed differences but also the structure of the blade. This is the only solution that provides different touch on the two sides and different speed. Vario is for you if you have been looking for the right, different rubbers for a long time for your forehand and backhand but the setup is not perfect. If you feel you have tried all the rubbers of the world Vario can give you the chance to maximize variations in one blade. 

Vario AC is a blade with one offensive and one offensive minus side. We built this 6ply table tennis blade of Koto and [topBoost] AC for the stable direct touch on the OFF side, and with Limba top on the OFF- side to provide wooden touch.

Two speed aramid carbon offensive table tennis blade

Data sheet

Two speed aramid carbon offensive table tennis blade