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Butterfly Primorac and Virtuoso OFF- speed up

Butterfly Primorac and Virtuoso speed up

We listened to the feedbacks that told us Virtuoso OFF- like Butterfly Primorac is a nice controlled offensive or from another approach spin offensive blade but sometimes players need something more. Yes, offensive table tennis needs offensive blade. We believe there is not only the 7ply blades fit playing offensive and you need no special carbon layers to give extra speed and sweet spot. It was not simple but finally we succeded to design the bigger brother of Virtuoso OFF- while we kept the same construction. The result: Virtuoso+ (Plus)

For those, who needed faster blade than Virtuoso but preferred the 5ply behavior Virtuoso+ Plus will do the job. It is between Ultimate and Virtuoso in speed. The harder outer ply, slightly thicker core and different laminating process provides 8-10% more speed and slightly clearer contact.