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Buying an OSP blade you plant a tree

Osp Blades wants to save the world

Did you know that if you buy any of OSP Blades you take part in our tree planting project?

As a creator and artist, we know that we obligated to maintain the cycle of live as much we can. We realize human and Earth must be living in a synergistic combination. Wood as a material is very close to our soul and we appreciate woods so much. We feel we must protect nature as far as we can.

Since our products are made of wood, we think our responsibility is higher than others. That is the main reason of our decision to help restoring the world’s forests. As a manufacturer we are not able to grow forests, but we found the perfect partner to do that, namely an organization called OneTreePlanted.

By donating OneTreePlanted organization we have been plantin 200 trees from 2020. That is far more than our wood consumption. (Our Donation Number No. is #108152).

This means if you buy any of OSP blade a part of money you pay for a blade turns into growing a forest.

Osp Blades wants to save the forests