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Have you ever wondered why we send you a upper ply veneer sample with your OSP blade? (with video)

How to fix table tennis blade edge hit

It is for fixing the blades’ edge hits. Here you are the video with a simple trick for showing how to use it. If you are a wood fan it will be easy. You need some really simple tools.


In the first step you should find a solid ruler. We use a broken metal ruler. Stick two pieces of double sided sticker tape onto it. Then stick it to the blade face right next to the hit.


Cut the upper veneer using a sharp cutter driven by the sticked ruler. Then remove the upper veneer part. We did it with a sharp plane but the cutter also can do the job. Sand down the remaining upper veneer until you can see the second ply’s fibre. Keep the surface straight.


Cut the veneer sample to suit best to the blade’s remaining upper ply.


Put a transparent sticker onto the veneer sample on the cut side.


Join up the veneer sample to the blade’s upper ply and stick it on with the transparent tape. ***TRICK*** The tape holds the veneer in the right position.


Turn up the sample veneer and put some wood glue on to the blades second ply only then turn back the veneer and push it smoothly onto the glued surface. Wipe the unwanted glue off.
Press the fixed parts together using two pieces of wood and clamping tools. After the necessary waiting remove the clamps and the woods.


Cut the fixed veneer to the shape of the blade’s head then finish the edges, sides, and surface with a smooth sandpaper.


Put a light coat of lacquer onto the fixed part. Let it dry and your blade is ready to play.

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