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OSP officially has become J.T.T.A.A. approved

JTTAA approved table tennis blades by OSP

Good news for the Japanese players. We are officially approved table tennis blade brand in Japan so we are allowed to use the J.T.T.A.A. logo on our blades sold in Japan. Notedly, due to the system they registered our brand name also and this way we use the full registrated mark in the Japanee Table Tennis Associations Approvement list that contains OSP.

JTTAA approved table tennis blades by OSP
Bunch of J.T.T.A.A. approved table tennis blades of OSP

We are happy to cooperate with our Japanese reseller WRM (the World Rubber Market) who navigated and supervised the process in their country. We believe they made a valuable and inevitable job in this matter as well as promoting and selling our products in Japan that is a unique and special territory on the table tennis globe.

swedish table tennis association sticker on old rackets
Tre Kronor sticker

We found much rumours over the internet about table tennis blades with and without that J.T.T.A.A. mark (eg.: OOAK, TT-News) but considering our blades we clearly clarifĂ­y those are the same as without the mark. There is no quality difference or other variance. This is the process of the Japanese Table Tennis Association to check and validate product samples as well as manufacturer if a company wants to sell their blades there. In Japan there are tournaments that requires JTTA approved blades to compete with.

You can tell it is a strange process and makes players life more difficult but it is not a new thing. Do you remember the old Stiga blades from the 60’s and 70’s? All of them was put the “Tre Kronor” sticker to the bottom of the handle. It was the regulation made by the Swedish Table Tennis Association to validate blades sold in Sweden. Nowdays many collectors consider that as the proof of original.


Here you are a short video how we put the OSP-J.T.T.A.A. logo on.