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OSP Tiny Dancer original is popular in Japan

After a few weeks of availability Tiny Dancer is very popular in Japan. This blade is the result of a collaboration with Mr Yohei Takahashi and the Japanese WRM company. We branched out with the ‘original’ and planned to go out the ‘alternative’ in early 2019. So TinyDancer will be available in two designs.

We made Tiny Dancers for those who play the classic defender style with using long pimples out rubbers that is hard to find a really lovely blade.
Collaborating with OSP, we developed a contemporary vintage blade family that revived the ancient blade left behind. The unique OSP maturing and laminating process and classic design make that blade suitable for all long pimple users. A slightly larger head, a feature shaped old-school handle, and heavier blade weight supports your classic long pimple playing.

We might hold it in the wrong way?

‘Original’ is a seven plywood composed of Limba Wood, recommended for all Long Pimple users including a chopper.

‘Alternative’ combines Limba Wood and Walnut, which is harder and denser than “Original” and the best match for OX users who play close to the table.

Prepared for the customer

According to Mr Yohei Takahashi’s words, many table tennis fans in Japan like the style that Tiny Dancer lineup represents. WRM sold out the blades and customers now make reservations.

I am grateful to Robert and Japanese customers. The customers picked up the Tiny Dancer. I think it is because it is a different finish from the other blades on the market. Buyers feel Robert’s work through the bat, but they will be surprised again after due to the essence its performance. I am looking forward to their reviews. I uploaded a video I played with Tiny Dancer.

Mr Yohei Takahashi

Here you are Mr Takahashi’s video.