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Stay Strong Alexa – the first U2+ for charity

A member of the Hungarian table tennis society, Alexa Szvitacs, was attacked by a terrible illness leading to horrible health difficulties. Because of life-threatening complications, Alexa has lost her left forearm and all her toes. Treatments are a substantial financial burden for Alexa and her family.

After the tragedy happened, the Hungarian table tennis community united to one collaborative group led by Szandra Pergel and Marton Szita to establish a charity event and help Alexa to survive and pass through her rehabilitation by donating her and the family. Locally people can help with voluntary offerings during a gala as well as transferring money to a bank account. They opened a fundraising channel through ‘gofundme’ to receive donation internationally.

Both ITTF and ETTU reported that on their website.

In two weeks the story of Alexa’s gala became worldwide. The Hungarian Table Tennis Association made the national team’s Ormai Laszlo Hall available for the event. Hundreds of Hungarian table tennis enthusiasts want to donate and join the show where they will be able to play against not only the Hungarian National Team and top Hungarian players but also champions like Krisztina Toth or the Golden Team’s Jonyer, Klampar, Gergely and even with Alexa herself.

The community of that sport proved its global unity this time too. Table tennis pros are still sending their items allowing to achieve maximum donation. There are T-shirts with the signature from J.O. Waldner, Aruna Quadri, Apolónia, Maze, Ovtcharov, Karlsson, Persson, Gerell, Mazunov, Calderano, Gauzy, Tóth Krisztina, Tokic, Jorgic, Franziska, Assar, Samara, Dodean, Szőcs Bernadette, Freitas and also the Hungarian World Champions Jonyer, Klampar, Gergely as well as the National Team provided items.

Waldner offered his T-shirt

All the visitors have the chance to get one of these valuable relics in exchange for donations. Besides, the National Team plan to perform an own show with songs and dance and provide Christmas mood with bringing their cakes made by their hands.

We thought st is a perfect moment to support that charity movement. We offered the first Ultimate II+ blade with customized handle to the organisers to support Alexa.

OSP Ultimate II plus blade for Alexa

Finally, it will be undoubtedly the most significant table tennis charity action for a long time. Here you are the Facebook event link.