Laszlo Peli

Co-founder of OSP blades, Production manager of VideoTeamHungary. Socialmedia marketing content management expert.

Collaborating with Japan WRM

We sent out a bundle of new OSP table tennis blades with J.T.T.A.A certificate to Japan to WRM who is the biggest Japanese representative of our blades. Since our latest modification in our brand is significant: new outlook included new logo, we discontinued some of our models and some new model came up like Virtuoso AC and Expert II., we… Read More »WRM started to sell the new OSP models

OSP table tennis new box

Do you remember the old paper box we used for sending an OSP blade? That was simple since we focused inside. In our outdated approach the box is for transporting the blade nothing else. We tried to make it the simplest way, that had made us different from the others on the market. After few years we put gifts into… Read More »The new OSP box

Handmade table tennis blades renew

OSP is new. New design, performance, structure so we can we have been changed internally and outside. Do you want to know why and how we changed? Let us show you in these articles. The first thing coming into sight is the logo that we have changed but it is almost the last one we did. Although we continuously followed… Read More »OSP Blades is new