Laszlo Peli

Co-founder of OSP blades, Production manager of VideoTeamHungary. Socialmedia marketing content management expert.

Virtuoso Aramid Carbon controlled offensive table tennis blade

This is the French to English Google translated article of popette59 published to the forum of tennis de table France. Thank you. Original article in French: The virtuoso Master Series that I had tested is not the same as the Virtuoso Classic and indeed I do not see it in the catalog . I put the matter to Robert… Read More »TEST: Virtuoso AC aramid-carbon table tennis blade test from France

Ultimate Rosewood II plus offensive table tennis blade

With designing OSP Ultimate II. blade, we wanted to give a hand for those who did not want to lose spin on plastic balls. In the past year, we found that much of you faced the decreasing spin problem, so our U2 is very popular. Then we saw the very skilled part of the players needed more aggressive, faster and… Read More »Ultimate II+ released

After a few weeks of availability Tiny Dancer is very popular in Japan. This blade is the result of a collaboration with Mr Yohei Takahashi and the Japanese WRM company. We branched out with the ‘original’ and planned to go out the ‘alternative’ in early 2019. So TinyDancer will be available in two designs. We made Tiny Dancers for those… Read More »OSP Tiny Dancer original is popular in Japan